Episode 106 with Todd Lamphere and Tamryn Foley.


Hurricane Ian: How the Church is Responding

Hurricane Ian was one of the deadliest storms to hit the United States this century. The storm’s aftermath left thousands in Florida homeless, without power or fresh water, and reeling from loss. Hear from Todd Lamphere, VP of Government Relations with CityServe, and Tamryn Foley, Special Assistant to the CEO & Strategic Partnerships with CityServe, as they provide firsthand reports and share stories emerging from the disaster areas. CityServe team members were able to be on the ground before the hurricane hit and immediately began working with partners and local churches to get life-saving, emergency supplies into the hands of families when the storm passed. Amid the destruction, hear how God is working through the local church to provide hope, help, and healing. Discover today how you can be a hero to those in need.

Episode 106 Quote: The worst of times can bring out the best out in humanity.


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