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In partnership with CityServe Europe, we are responding to the


to directly aid nearly 3M people through our local church network who are displaced by the devastating Russian attacks.

 Your gift today will:

  • Feed hungry children, women and men
  • Provide emergency medical supplies
  • House fleeing refugees in needed shelter
  • Advance the Gospel of Jesus–the true hope


Supports Churches—Ukraine

Serve the last mile of need

Give now and help struggling families

CityServe Disaster Reponse: US Tornadoes

CityServe Oklahoma and CityServe Arkansas are responding to the aftermath of tornadoes and severe storms in the Midwest and Southeast. Your gift of any amount helps us get families the supplies they need for relief.

CityServe Disaster Response

Equipping churches with tangible resources for immediate relief as well as long term rebuilding.

CityServe Disaster Response: Hurricane Ida

CityServe Oklahoma is on the scene in Independence, Louisiana to offer relief and restoration.

CityServe Disaster Response: California Fires

CityServe California is resourcing churches in Kern County to restore loss from French Fire.

CityServe Disaster Response: Haiti

CityServe Florida is on the scene in Pestel, Haiti resources 170 villages with tangible items of relief.

With CityServe, churches are equipped and resourced to meet the needs of their community and deliver hope beyond the box.

CityServe is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law.


Support CityServe with Every Purchase

Are you planning to shop online at Amazon? If so, Amazon has made it easy for a portion of the proceeds from all your purchases to go toward your favorite charity through the Amazon Smile Foundation, and it doesn’t cost you anything! For a percentage of your purchases to be donated to CityServe, please shop with the link below.