Compassion Initiatives

Because God’s loving heart is moved with compassion for the suffering in our world, we seek to serve human need and lift people up. We are doing this locally and globally!


Compassion Initiatives for Transforming Communities

ALL IN for 10 is our commitment to empower and equip the local church across 10 Biblical compassion initiatives of engagement to create true community transformation.
With CityServe, the local church can gain influence, create greater impact for true transformation, and win souls for Jesus through community-based compassion.

The hungry
the orphan
the widow
the poor
the addicted
the exploited
the prisoner
the vulnerable
the unreached
the nation of Israel

The Compassion Initiatives

The Hungry

The Widow

The Orphan

The Poor

The Addicted

The Prisoner

The Vulnerable

The Exploited

The Unreached