Episode 107 with Blake Guichet.


Blake Guichet, from Confessions of a Crappy Christian Podcast, Opens Up About Mental Health, Overcoming Hustle Culture, and Life-Changing Grace

As a Christian, do you struggle to talk about the real, hard stuff in life? Blake Guichet, writer and founder of the Crappy Christian Co., and host of the popular podcast Confessions of a Crappy Christian joins Scott Young to talk about why we need to be transparent in the current culture. Guichet believes religious mindsets, fear, or shame are often why we avoid difficult conversations. In those moments she encourages us to give people the gift of going first, to share our lives to help them feel more comfortable about opening up. She reminds us that the world needs people who are willing to show up and acknowledge that they can’t do anything in their own strength but only with Jesus. If you have ever felt alone in your struggles, Guichet shows us how Jesus doesn’t just tolerate you…He actually likes you and will walk with you through those struggles.

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