Episode 108 with Jerry Jenkins.


Jerry Jenkins, NYT Bestselling Author, Shares the Surprising Advice that Launched His Career and Calling

Have you ever questioned if your current career path will take you to your ultimate calling and purpose? Jerry Jenkins, author of more than 200 books, 21 NYT Bestsellers, and more than 72 million in cumulative sales, shares the memorable advice he was given as a young man questioning the direction of his life, advice that ultimately led him to a career that spans decades and one beyond his wildest expectations. Sharing stories of some of the memorable people (Billy Graham, Tim LaHaye, Hank Aaron, Walter Payton, Stephen King) he met along the way, he reveals how God used each encounter to help him develop and grow. Jenkins reveals insights behind the success of projects like the Left Behind series, The Chosen, and how God has allowed him to help many aspiring writers. Be inspired and challenged to grow and become a lifelong learner today.

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