Episode 111 with Terri Hasdorff.


Should More Christians Run for Office?

How did you feel about how the midterm election went? Faith-filled Americans are needed in our government now more than ever, but why aren’t more running for local, state, and federal offices? Terri Hasdorff, author, speaker, consultant, and former congressional candidate, works at the intersection of faith and politics and provides an insider’s perspective on why more Christians are needed in politics. She reveals why American Christians are often hesitant to participate in government, why it’s crucial to research candidates, and vote in the primaries, and offers guidance for those considering running for political office. Hasdorff challenges that if you don’t like what you see happening around you it’s your job to change it. This goes beyond Republican or Democrat alliances but comes down to leading with godly conviction. One person can truly make a difference.

Episode 111 Quote: "W are polarized in ways that aren't healthy for our country. United we stand. The Body of Crhist can be the glue that brings people back together."


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