Episode 113 with David Green and Bill High.


Hobby Lobby Founder, David Green, Reveals the Unconventional Leadership Principles that Led to the Company’s Success

How did one couple go from creating picture frames in their garage to becoming the leaders of one of the largest chain stores in America? Hobby Lobby has over 900 stores in 48 states and CEO, David Green, along with Bill High, founder of The Signatry, discuss the unconventional principles leaders can apply to their business, church, or nonprofit. Green offers insight into the “secret sauce” of their company and breaks down the reason behind their people-centered practices and large charitable giving. He will encourage your faith to never underestimate what God can do with your business if you let Him actually lead it. Be inspired to implement proven principles based on faith-filled wisdom that can open doors to greater success in business, family, and life, as you help raise up the next generation of leaders.

Episode 113 Quote: As Christian business leaders, most of us will say 'God owns the business,' but then we treat it the same as everybody else.


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