Episode 114 with Paige McMahon.


Widow and Single Mom Shares About the “Gift” that Got Her Through an Unexpected Tragedy

Paige McMahon unexpectedly became a widow and single mom of three when her husband died in a plane crash. McMahon recalls how life was hazy in the early days and the weight of grief was unbearable as she wrestled with her faith and struggled to get through each day. But, out of her horrific experience, she has been able to help others walking through tragedy by sharing the “gift” that made all the difference. McMahon compels those struggling to process their grief to practice something she learned to treasure in this season: the gift of being present. She also offers practical advice on walking alongside your kids and what to say and not to say. McMahon’s raw encouragement for those experiencing loss reveals how God is still faithful, good, and committed to the plans He has for our lives.

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