Episode 116 with Aaron Tredway.


Why We Must Know the Difference Between Success and True Significance

Do thoughts of your past fill you with regret or thankfulness? Aaron Tredway, pastor, author, speaker, athlete, and coach, reveals that we often feel dissatisfied because we’re aimed at the wrong target: success. As Christians, many of us say we are pursuing “something more,” but we get stuck chasing our idea of success instead of true significance. Tredway reminds us we don’t have to be rich or famous to lead a life of meaning in God’s Kingdom. He shares the secret to true significance and invites you to live the life God created you for. In this episode, you will learn to recognize when success is your main target, find liberation from a life without purpose, pursue God’s glory instead of unrewarding self-focus, and choose significance over success one step at a time. It’s time to start living the meaningful, fulfilling life God destined you for.


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