Episode 122 with Matt Redman.


Matt Redman on the Life Behind a Heart of Worship

Have you ever been overcome by strong emotions while singing a worship song? How does the writer of “Coming Back to the Heart of Worship”, “Blessed Be Your Name”, “Our God” and “10,000 Promises” capture the longings of so many different hearts? Songwriter, Author, and Gammy Award-Winning Worship Leader, Matt Redman answers those questions and more. A turbulent childhood led him to accept Jesus Christ at a young age and writing and singing songs became a stabilizing factor that helped him keep his eyes on God. Redman writes worship music born from his personal journey with Christ and shares methods he uses to create, and how he finds fresh, unique ways to reveal an age-old truth. Whether you use your talents to lead worship, serve as an usher, or in the nursery, be encouraged to know that God sees your heartfelt service as devotion to Him.


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