Episode 123 with Steve Kramer.


Victim or Vessel: How to Respond to a Challenge

Challenges. We all have them, but what do you do when your challenge is beyond your control? Radio and TV personality, reporter, pastor, missionary, and motivational speaker, Steve Kramer knows what it’s like to live with challenges and the desire to be more than what others expect. Born prematurely and barely breathing, doctors had no hope for Kramer who they later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite his disabilities, Kramer’s parents sought to give him the most normal childhood experiences possible, which allowed him to thrive and discover how to turn his disabilities into God opportunities. Today, Kramer serves as the Director of the Vulnerable Initiative for CityServe International helping others serve the most vulnerable in their communities. Kramer’s positive attitude and outlook will inspire you to unearth and see the hidden beauty that can be exposed through your challenges.


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