Episode 124 with Gary Chapman.


Dr. Gary Chapman: Author of “The 5 Love Languages” Shares His Story

Ever wonder why it is so hard to get along with someone you love? Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times Best Seller, The 5 Love Languages, is a speaker, counselor, and syndicated radio host. The early years of his marriage brought conflict that led to the discovery that God had a different idea about love than he did. Through those difficulties God revealed to him that love is not based on a feeling; it begins with an attitude that is followed by appropriate behavior. Understanding another person’s love language makes navigating relationships infinitely more possible when we recognize how to love them in a way they feel valued. Dr. Chapman’s observations are timeless and can be applied to any relationship. At home or at work, each of us can serve others, just as Christ did, discovering His love through us, and the change that brings to our world.


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