Episode 125 with Megan B. Brown.


Military Spouses Living the Great Commission with a Bible and Coffee Pot

A pot of coffee, a Facebook post, and a bulky Bible–how a movement started with military spouses. Megan B. Brown, a seasoned military spouse, bible teacher, and military missionary explains living out the Great Commission. As an atheist married to a military man, God gently led Brown to Himself, but growing in Christ was challenging. She found it hard to “fit in” at church, and not knowing how to pray or understand scripture made for a very lonely time. Yet through her isolation, she found a Jesus who was there when no one else was. Brown discovered a distinct calling on military spouses; a group perfectly suited to live out the Great Commission as their families already “go into all the world”. God desires that we trust Him and join His fierce pursuit for the hearts of men. Are you ready to put on the coffee and see where He takes you?

Episode 125 with Megan B. Brown book release cover "Know What You Signed Up For".


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