Episode 126 with Tony Phillips.


God, the Big House, and the Warehouse

Ever heard the phrase, Sometimes the hardest part to starting something new is showing up? Tony Phillips is a guy who showed up. A businessman between jobs, it was a need for volunteer help that captured Phillips’ attention. His love for people drew him to a community ministry ‘ that supports young kids. Even when his new job made volunteering difficult, he persevered, staying connected, showing up, loving those kids, and being ready to do whatever was needed because he knew God had a plan. That plan included a broken-down warehouse located across the street from the prison, a local ministry, and Phillips, a fitness fanatic. Today God uses Phillips as His liaison to any ex-prisoners who dare to cross the street. Phillips, a physical force to be reckoned with, introduces them to God through workouts at his gym and through work at the warehouse that provides churches with goods to help needy families. Whether they work out together or wind up serving others together, they all hear about the God who redeems, restores and blesses when we show up.


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