Episode 128 with Tim Goeglein.


Healing and Hope for America

Is there hope for America? Author of the book, Toward a More Perfect Union, Tim Goeglein’s resume reads like a Who’s Who in American Politics and Faith. His position in the White House, work with presidents, comprehension of political architecture, and appreciation for American history make him a fascinating and influential man. In the cultural trenches, Goeglein understands the constitutional, cultural, and historic illiteracy that plagues our United States, recognizing that “united” seems to be missing from every action, at every level. But more significant is Goeglein’s knowledgeable hope that offers solutions for the hyperpolarization of America and a dependable course toward a more perfect union. Goeglein’s stories are riveting. His comprehension of history and of the role of national sin in our failings will reignite your humility, gratitude, and hope for America as he challenges and reminds us that our nation needs prayer, that faith and freedom go together, and that God has a better way forward. Will you answer the call?


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