Episode 129 with Kevin Sorbo.


Kevin Sorbo: Legendary Hercules is Canceled for Christ

What happens when an influencer is canceled and silenced in a world of technological communication? Actor, author, director, and producer, Kevin Sorbo has fought for his right to speak, both physically and on the world stage. Suffering four strokes while shooting television hit, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Sorbo had to relearn how to talk and walk. It took incredible effort, yet after pushing through, Sorbo’s “comeback” was “canceled.” Openly sharing his faith, Hollywood and social media silenced the voice he had struggled to regain. Undeterred, he formed Sorbo Studios, found powerhouse production teams, and began reintroducing content that offers hope and light to our dark world. Today, with more than 80 movies under his belt, Sorbo calls for fearless warriors. “Fear is not of God,” he says. Step out of the darkness, stand for the light, be bold as lions, and use your voice. We have something that the world is dying to hear.


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