Episode 130 with Chris Martin.


Does the Devil Have a Discipleship Program?

How do you shepherd those being discipled by social media? Chris Martin is a social media expert, raised by an Internet pioneer. Consultant and author of The Wolf in Their Pockets: 13 Ways the Social Internet Threatens the People You Lead, Martin noticed that what was trending wasn’t only gossip and conspiracy, but a destructive worldview. Personal time for God, and for the body of Christ was eclipsed by enticement of the salacious, curious, and shocking. Martin reveals how our convenient technology works as a portal for the enemy to maintain a discipleship program intended to steal, kill and destroy, with the average individual committing 2.5 hours daily to it. Overwhelmed? Martin shares effective, tactical methods that will encourage leaders everywhere as they counteract the discipling done by social media, and equip the saints in personal spiritual discipline, reminding us that Jesus Christ is Lord over ALL.


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