Episode 131 with Dr. Wendy Patrick.


What to do When People Give You the Creeps

Have you ever had an unsettling feeling about someone? Did it make you anxious? Dr. Wendy Patrick, a career Prosecuting Attorney with degrees in Psychology, Divinity, and a Doctorate in Theology, shares why you get those feelings. Author and media commentator, her most recent book, Why Bad Looks Good, reveals some of the insight and wisdom that has made her a valued source for outlets such as Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, and Inside Edition. She credits the Bible for her wisdom, and strips away common excuses, providing tools for separating what we want or hope to see, from what is truly being demonstrated. She shares tools for listening to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and exchanging fear for freedom. Gain skills and become empowered as Dr. Patrick offers a mini-Master Class on understanding people, behavior, and truth.


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