Episode 132 with Pastor Kawi Keahi.


A Maui Wildfire Survivor’s Story: Pastor Keahi and Beauty from Ashes

What do you share when you have nothing? Pastor Kawi Keahi, one of many Maui wildfire victims lost almost everything. His church was reduced to ashes, and he now owns a house of rubble. Yet this husband and father of two who barely escaped with his family is bringing hope and healing to his community. Working with King’s Cathedral, which opened its doors to provide his family and others safety, they share meals, necessities, and comfort with the suffering. So how do you share when you have nothing? You give what God gives you and watch as His love, in action, practical and visible, becomes healing and transformative. Assisted by CityServe, Pastor Keahi and the local church are housing, feeding, and clothing the people of Maui, making beauty from ashes with nothing more than God’s provision and goodness. Discover today how you can help those in need.


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