Episode 135 with Danita Bye.


Effective Leadership in a Culture of Fear and Distrust

Desperate for a change in leadership? For someone you can trust? Someone with clarity, character and competence? What if the leader that needs changing is you? Leadership coach, speaker, and author Danita Bye is well-versed in leadership solutions. Leadership is a calling but not everyone is equipped, especially when leading millennials, the largest generation group. Bye’s insight reveals that between our culture, media, and contentious political and educational landscapes, trust has eroded for most, especially for millennials. Complicate that issue with AI concerns, or cancel culture pointing the finger at everyone for everything, and fear dominates, making trust seem unachievable. Fear and lack of trust are debilitating and stifle all of us in areas of leadership, achievement, and creativity. Join Bye as she unfolds common sense strategies from practical scenarios that enable you to come alongside the millennial temperament and will enrich your understanding of effective, trustworthy leadership.


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