Episode 136 with Karl Clauson.


Can You Define a Christian?

Culture has been stumped in its effort to define a woman, but can you define a Christian? Is it someone who goes to church and reads the Bible, one who accomplishes powerful things for the church and for God, or something else? Pastor of the 180 Church in Chicago, morning radio show host, and author, Karl Clausen is a consummate adventurer with amazing insights. Life has taken him from Alaska to Africa, and from the Iditarod to meeting God. A “Type A” personality, Clausen’s life of adventure yielded an unsettling discovery about himself and others who call themselves Christians but are not Christians at all. They are often active for God, but not with Him. Clausen has a passion for being “in Christ,” for living a life of absolute risk by surrendering every atom of self to the Almighty for His purposes. His story is riveting. As he walks you through his life, you cannot help but see how much God desires every part of yours.

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