Episode 137 with Uri Steinberg.


ISRAEL: Devastated but not Destroyed

How can one little strip of land be worth so much trouble and so many lives? Uri Steinberg is a ninth generation Israeli. He is also a father. His service for the government and work with the Israeli Ministry of Justice never prepared him for the injustice of October 7, 2023. For hundreds of Israeli children, Saturday morning cartoons became a real-life horror story played out as their parents, friends, and family were murdered or kidnapped. Caught by surprise and suffering massive casualties, Steinberg describes the inhumane and immoral work of Hamas but is also quick to point to the hope and resilience formed in the heart of the Israeli people by a covenant-making and covenant-keeping God. Steinberg, joined by Pastor Wendell Vinson, know this war as a battle of darkness and light. Demonic at its core, forces of evil will ever strive to destroy God’s people. As influencers, we must be informed, wise, prayerful and involved. Listen as Steinberg and Vincent lay out strategies that place us where God can use us in this battle.

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