Episode 138 with Kristel Ward.


Are You Sinking or Walking on Water

Does fear impact your ability to function at times? Kristel Ward is an author, speaker, podcast host, and teacher who, having taught in some rough districts, felt she could handle the toughest situations. Then her youngest son began having daily seizures. Suddenly, Ward’s confidence was replaced with fear, and her hope dissolved. She was struck by how quickly she could spiral into that dark place of all-consuming anxiety even as a Christian. God used His Word to remind her that when all you have is Jesus, He is enough. The Lord impressed upon her anxious heart that the same Jesus who saved Peter from drowning, as he attempted to walk in faith, was the Jesus who was there for her when she felt submerged in fear and hopelessness. Be reminded that as Christians, when we lose our footing and our hope to fear or anxiety, we can let ourselves sink deeper or do as Peter and fix our eyes on Jesus and call out, “Lord, save me!” His hand is always extended.


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