Episode 139 with Dr. Kathy Koch.


Helping Kids Build Resilience in a Reboot Culture

You may be a solid communicator, skilled craftsman, or acclaimed academic, but have you ever looked at your child, or grandchild, and found yourself speechless? According to Dr. Kathy Koch, that is not bad. Founding President of Celebrate Kids, co-founder of Ignite the Family, faculty at Summit Ministries, public speaker, and author, Dr. Koch dives deep into core values and mechanics we can access to encourage capable, resilient, and secure kids. As a young girl, Dr. Koch talked too much, was taller than others, and struggled to listen. However, her parents saw her verbosity as a strength, not a problem. This set the groundwork for understanding that children need to be encouraged to live long enough to find out “why they are, the ‘who’ they are.” Her insight into effective communication with children and methodologies for building character is refreshing, convicting, and based on the whole person of God. Buckle up as Dr. Koch rapidly downloads a trove of information, unlocking treasures of wisdom and knowledge.


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