Episode 140 with Wesley Towne.


Mental Health For Times Like These

You are not the only one who has ever been depressed, anxious, or stressed; everyone has. Pastor, speaker and podcast host Wesley Towne says that his broken life led to his calling. He loves Jesus, was in the Word and in prayer daily, yet even with the core principles of discipleship in place, he found himself paralyzed by anxiety and depression, and he wasn’t alone. Searching for mentors he could confide in, Towne discovered that leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and influencers all shared his same struggles, accompanied by the same shame. Cloaked in silence, and exacerbated by cultural and digital pressures, suffering only grew. Convinced that the narrative had to change, Towne began equipping churches to address mental health openly and honestly, facilitating pastors and leaders to bring into the light the suffering from the shadows. Join Pastor Towne as he shares how you can secure and share healthy mental disciplines for yourself and others.


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