Episode 142 with Wayne Cordeiro.


Wayne Cordeiro: Leading on Empty and What to Do About It

Do you dread the darkness? While some slumber, others of us repeatedly wrestle with failure, worthlessness and deadly intents of a dark realm. Pastor Wayne Cordeiro has fought that battle. Creative, successful and driven, this author, leader and pastor radiates effective leadership, but came dangerously close to a fatal precipice in the dark. Cordeiro had survived cancer and a heart attack. He was passionate about “life”, but truly wondered if he could survive it. When your world expects you to “show up” Sunday morning, your family depends upon you, and staff, students and friends look to you for insight, where do you get help? Cordeiro has a unique, hard-earned understanding of depression. His response to it is not littered with platitudes, but marked by the soul-searching of a man dedicated to understanding a battle that God promised to see him through. Cordeiro’s words bring a light to that darkness and demonstrate how God can take your ordeal and make it an adventure.


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