Episode 143 with Todd Lamphere.


Was his name David? It was the question we wanted Todd Lamphere to answer as he shared the account of one guy with just a stone in Ein Habesor who, along with four other men with M16’s, beat back an army of Hamas terrorists. Pastor and Vice President of Government Relations for City Serve, Lamphere shared how the moshav – an agricultural community three short miles from the Gaza border, part of a region that supplies 60 percent of the produce that feeds Israel – successfully defended themselves. Words cannot express what he witnessed, but He was also riveted by the people’s hope. These are God’s people, in the land He gave them, and we know that God’s gifts and calling are irrevocable. Join CityServe Israel, meet the needs there, stand for Israel here, and together let us be a part of the promise. Don’t forget Israel.


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