Episode 144 with Wendell Vinson.


Peace. Hope. In our world? At this time? Start ringing the bells because Pastor Wendell Vinson says, “Absolutely!” Pastor, CityServe co-founder and world traveler, Pastor Vinson will shake you up with his refreshing, biblical perspective of HOPE. Are there global pressures, wars and rumors of wars, an elevation of evil? Yes, but God is using increased global pressures and rampant feelings of disconnect and despair to connect his church globally and move it back to the center of community, just as it was in days of old, providing care, healthcare, and education while meeting social needs. Every soul needs the hope of the gospel, which only becomes available through surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Positioned to be His hands and feet, Pastor Vinson believes that this may be the church’s finest hour. “Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.” Strap on that armor, throw on a holly sprig and prepare for a season of life-changing HOPE.


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