Episode 145 with Scott Wozniak.


Are you one of the many who makes New Years’ resolutions that turn out to be unsuccessful? Scott Wozniak, CEO, Mensa member, legendary brand-builder, and author brilliantly unpacks the chasm between a great resolution/vision and how to get there. A former actor, musician and entertainer, Wozniak’s life plan seemed obvious. But resolution is not realization, and God had a different course for his life. His journey with Jesus placed him in major corporations, under the authority of wonderful, influential people, some of whom were less than remarkable when it came to leadership. Wozniak discovered his calling as the “Guide in the Gap” between the influencer’s vision and its realization and took notes as God led him through the mechanics of success and significance. Today, Wozniak teaches others. Simple and effective, he lays out an attainable process for those in industry, ministry, and leadership. If you are ready for more, learn how this year you can enjoy the experience of utilizing his revelations in your resolutions.


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