Episode 146 with Ofelia Flores.


“Why?” We have all asked it. “Why would God allow…?” For those in the middle of trial or trauma, it confuses. For those who have been damaged, it haunts. For Ofelia Flores, it reminds her, “God does not waste any hurts.” An advocate, contracted consultant for police and sheriff’s departments, speaker, and survivor, Flores was introduced to heroin by family members, and trafficked by the age of 16. She was just done after two years of living in darkness and despair, holding out for the next hit. In desperation, she shot up the last of her heroin, walked into the Sheriff’s office, and asked for help. Today, Flores helps those dealing with the same hurt and shame she felt for years. Her survival brings hope, and her message about becoming “brand new” introduces others to Jesus. Discover today how you as part of the body of Christ can be part of the solution and reach into darkness to bring others into the light.


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