Episode 146 with Ofelia Flores.


Does God talk to us, or listen? People of every culture, age, and with or without faith, struggle with these questions. Writer, award-winning musician, and founder of Commoner’s Communion, Strahan Coleman’s wandering career took him around the world and right back to God. Life was good — a wonderful marriage, children, a beach home — until it wasn’t. Suffering an undiagnosed illness, weak, and often bedridden, Coleman prayed for help, but at times could only listen. After months of feeling abandoned by God, Coleman quit pleading for healing and instead asked God an important question. Raw and honest, broken and disappointed Coleman discovered the heart of his Creator. Then a still, small voice asked Coleman the same thing Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Coleman grew from loving the good things he got from God to beholding and loving the person of God. Join us as Coleman unpacks God’s desire for revolutionary conversation with you.


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