Episode 148 with Jessica Thompson.


We talk about God’s love, but do we understand He held Himself upon that cross out of compassion for us, knowing that suffering was our destination without Him? Frequent conference speaker and podcast regular, author Jessica Thompson explores the compassion of Christ and the impact it can have in our lives and beyond us, touching the hearts of others when we see them through His eyes. As Thompson reminds us, we desire God’s love for ourselves but sometimes find it difficult to love others the way He loves, especially the marginalized. She shares that the things that often turn us away from people are the very things that turn God’s heart towards people. Jesus, as the Son of God, sees our worst, and as man wrapped in flesh, He understands the pain of it. He desires that we receive His love, His compassion and then extend it. Together let’s find how far the deep, deep love of Jesus can reach.


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