Episode 149 with Tim Gagnon.


What makes you stand out? Is it your skill, credentials, or your charisma? Known as the “fire painter,” Tim Gagnon definitely stands out when his brushes are on fire. An amazing artist, speaker, teacher, and master of his trade, Gagnon’s artistic influence is the direct result of a God-directed covert military op. It was two men, military leadership, who identified him as a young man needing the Lord and as a skilled artist requiring direction. Gagnon was introduced to the Master Creator through these godly mentors. He has since influenced people around the world with his art. Known for the Illuminated Messiah Bible, a five-year project he refers to as his Sistine Chapel, Gagnon painted 66 paintings that, when combined, form a polyptych Masterpiece. He shares that when you do the thing that God put you on this earth to do, you get your own special time with the Creator. Discover how to let your gift fully bloom as you work with Him, rather than for Him.


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