Episode 150 with Terry Glaspey.


Why did God give us art? Academic and author of over a dozen books, Terry Glaspey refers to himself not as a doctor or teacher, but as a student. Earning his doctorate in Spiritual Formation, Glaspey studies the Word of God and individuals who truthfully and artfully present God. It was when reading C.S. Lewis that Glaspey had a vibrant awakening. Riveted by Lewis’ practical yet creative understanding of God, Glaspey noted a strong parallel. Jesus expressed truth through parables; C.S. Lewis did the same in books like The Chronicles of Narnia. Glaspey calls them “Truth Bombs”: Art, music, or narrative that presents truth in a fresh, memorable way, probing even the soul. God’s call on Glaspey’s life is to introduce people to great writers, artists, and musicians so that they may see the Master. For in His hands, art is a tool that penetrates hearts with mysteries from heaven, transforming us with the passion of the Creator. Imagine what God wants to do with you!


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