Episode 151 with Matt Bronleewe.


If we go anywhere, we see needs around us, but can we see the opportunity in the need? Matt Bronleewe is an author, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and a filmmaker, but it was the life of another man that altered Bronleewe’s focus. Discovering, around the kitchen table, that his in-laws were closely related to the founder of Compassion International, Bronleewe found himself intrigued by their stories of “Uncle Everett.” In 1952, Everett Swanson, without the aid of social media or the Internet, managed to rally an army of people to support children and individuals who were a world away. A traveling, revival preacher out of Chicago, Swanson was not wealthy, or a diplomat with global connections, he was just a God-fearing man who, after seeing a need, was asked this probing question by a fellow traveler, “Now that you have seen the need and the opportunity, what are you going to do about it?” It’s a question that we all should answer.


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