Episode 152 with Seth Gruber.


We all have access to the light. We can hide it under a bushel, in a crowd of the like-minded or let it be seen. But what if burning bright costs us? Are you truly an influencer for the Kingdom if you simply parrot the safe mantras? Seth Gruber, prolife advocate, speaker, filmmaker, author, and creator of The White Rose Resistance visits the topic of Christian cowardice. His historically educated and thoughtful approach calls Christians to take a hard look at where we stand, what we are doing and for whom? With the goal of pricking the collective conscience of the culture and awakening the church to action, Gruber removes the comfort in this podcast. We are in a battle, earth is the domain of sin and death and we have been called to be the resistance, to show, speak and live the Word even when it is considered offensive. Prepare to be challenged and to have your resolves contested, to be weighed and to discover if you are found wanting.


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