Episode 155 with Peter Palivos.


Some came home in pieces. Some never came home at all. But all fought for this nation, this freedom and this place we call home. They know the cost of service and sacrifice and Peter Palivos will not forget. Raised in a family with five generations of military service, Palivos has seen the brotherhood, hardship, and weight of war, but he also knows the battle doesn’t end when our troops come home. A renowned international attorney and philanthropist, Palivos channels his gratitude into the chairmanship of Voice of the Veterans, Vets Helping Vets and many educational initiatives. For a man of great vision and a greater God, it doesn’t take much to spawn an idea. This one began at a Raiders game; Palivos decided he needed the Allegiant Stadium for something. That “something” is a “Day of Gratitude on June 8th for 15,000 veterans, armed forces, and their families, presented by Voice of the Veteran, CityServe and ChurchLV. God calls us to be courageous. So strap on those boots and let’s see how God can use you.


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