Episode 156 with Garry Ingraham.


Am I gay? That is a question that every parent and church staff member needs to be able to answer. Living in a culture that applauds, elevates and takes pride in sin, we must know and model the truth for our kids. Few recognize this better than author Garry Ingraham and his wife Melissa. Having come out of sexual confusion, they founded the Love and Truth Network through which they work to restore people to sexual wholeness and biblical identity. Ingraham dives into what drove him to sexual confusion. His experience pinpoints the need for young men and women to receive direction, honesty and discipleship regarding biblical sexuality, both at home and from the church. Highlighting complete surrender to the Almighty, Ingraham found freedom from all that had bound him. Today, Ingraham witnesses the power of God, changing people, and establishing in them His identity and His purpose for them. Learn how to respond and how you can best shepherd the confused and the lost.


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