Episode 157 with Whitney Pipkin.


Death. Prolonged sickness. It is not enjoyable dinner table conversation, yet it is inevitable. Can you prepare for the loss of one you love? Is there a hack for grief that circumnavigates the devastating sadness? An author and accomplished journalist who writes for the Washington Post, National Geographic, and NPR, Whitney Pipkin is recovering from the loss of her mother and the 20-year cancer diagnosis that finally took her precious life. Pipkin shares the journey in her book, We Shall All Be Changed, tackling the uncomfortable subject of a loved one’s death, and how to survive it. Although proactive and willing to have hard, end-of-life conversations with her mom, Pipkin still found the loss devastatingly powerful. Strangely, it was in her grief that she experienced transformation prepared by a loving God who stayed with her. He is the great caregiver, and when we learn to be still with Him and accept His care, it changes us, and the way we chose to live moving forward.
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