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Resourcing Churches in the Ukraine to Respond with Help & Hope

Your donation will:

  • Feed hungry families
  • Provide emergency supplies
  • Connect refugees to housing
  • Provide spiritual and emotional support


Refugee Mothers Share Horror of War

Karl Hargestam smiling.

“Local churches in Ukraine and surrounding regions are on the front lines of this grave and devastating crisis. CityServe Europe’s mission is to empower and resource local churches as they welcome and care for refugees with open arms.”

– Karl Hargestam
Executive Director, CityServe International

Pelle Hornmark,

president of one of the largest networks of churches in Europe

and senior advisor to CityServe Europe, shares how local churches in Europe are prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees.

CityServe Europe

has launched in response to the Ukrainian crisis to resource churches as first responders.

CityServe Europe is currently positioned to partner with one of the largest networks of churches in Europe to serve children and family refugees in several Baltic countries including Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. With CityServe Europe, local churches will be resourced with hot, nutritious meals, emergency relief supplies, and connections to shelter so they provide help and hope to the most vulnerable.

Ministry partners include:

CityServe Europe

No Child Hungry
Intercessors for America
Intercessors for Ukraine
Revival Ministries
Penecostal Union of Romania
Pencostal European Fellowship
Kyiv Ukraine apartment building bombed.