CityServe is a Collaborative Network

that empowers and resources local churches to confront some of the most entrenched needs in their own neighborhoods and throughout the world.



One of the ways CityServe does this is through a supply chain network of warehouse “HUB’s” that channel resources such as household goods, furniture, and food to local churches serving their communities. We call these local churches POD’s or “Point of Distribution”. POD’s are churches that have made a commitment to be actively involved with their neighbors and community through compassion evangelism. CityServe has partnered with these churches to see people reached, help them grow, and to impact families and cities with the life changing power of Jesus Christ.


“The vision of the SoCal Network is that every church can demonstrate an act of compassion in their community. By partnering with CityServe, you are helping that become a reality.”

~ Rich Guerra, SoCal Network Superintendent



“A man’s gift opens doors for him…” Proverbs 18:16.

There is something about a gift that helps make way for the building of relationships and softens hearts for ministry opportunities. The goal of CityServe is to help you impact your community by meeting practical needs, seeking the restoration of dignity amongst the broken, and allow for the sharing of the Gospel message to the lost. The resources you receive as a CityServe POD can bolster existing outreach ministries, empower church members to give to their neighbors in need and help your church serve your city.


In our first year of outreach, CityServe PODs distributed approximately $15 million dollars worth of high-quality goods-in-kind from national major retailers. These resources included products such as food, kitchen supplies, diapers, beddings, home furnishings, toys, and other household items.


While there is no direct expense to being involved in CityServe, we do ask as part of the covenant agreement that partner churches be willing to host a ONE=TWO service yearly. This service is designed to encourage your people, edify you and your leadership, and stir greater excitement for compassionate evangelism in your community. During this service, church members will be encouraged to engage their community, pursue practical ideas for outreach to their neighbors, and partner financially with CityServe with a monthly pledge of $18 or more.





is invested in securing more merchandise for local compassion


goes towards International compassion ministry


campaign management


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