Jesus, a Refugee

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Jesus, a Refugee

For the first years of His life, Jesus and His parents lived as Middle East refugees. Whether it be Syrians, Burundians, Somalians, and the most recent exodus, Afghans, we are witnessing waves of refugees by the millions in our current day.

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • The plight of refugee families
  • Insight into what life was like for Jesus as a refugee
  • How Jesus charges The Church to serve refugees today
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“Jesus, a Refugee” guides us to uncover . . .

3 Ways Christians Can Respond to the Afghanistan Crisis today!

1. Ask God for a heart of compassion

Many have responded in prayer since the fall of Afghanistan, still for many others, politics can obscure compassion.

“The root of this crisis isn’t political, but spiritual. Do we need any more proof of our mission to love them than that these people are made in God’s image and Jesus died on the cross for their souls?”
– Dave Donaldson

2. Accept the Call for Intercessory Prayer

How to pray:

  • Pray for peace and protection over Christians and their families in Afghanistan.
  • Pray for Afghanistan refugees who are seeking safety and protection.
  • Pray for the surrounding countries and communities anywhere in the World that they will receive this new wave of refugees.
  • Pray for The Church as we prepare for opportunities to support organizations who help Afghanistan refugees and ways to share the Gospel of Jesus.

3. Join the Coalition of the Willing

It may be difficult to know how best to help amid the Afghanistan news reports of chaos and gut-wrenching images of Afghanistans desperately clinging for escape and refuge.

Let us prepare our hearts and be a “coalition of the willing.”


I heard the Lord say, “As you speak boldly for these who cannot speak for themselves, I will raise up a ‘coalition of the willing.’”
– Wendell Vinson