A black and white photo of Michael W Smith.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — This week, award-winning singer and songwriter Michael W. Smith has officially announced the release of his latest, instrumental single, “Cry For Hope.” The song was written when Smith was moved to bless Ukraine after witnessing the death and destruction that began unfolding with the Russian invasion. He has partnered with CityServe, an international humanitarian organization, in creating the music video to bring awareness to the plight of Ukrainians, along with highlighting local church efforts that are providing emergency relief.

“I saw some images and video of what was taking place in Ukraine, and the casualties, and the women and children, and it broke my heart… it just wiped me out,” says Smith. “I found myself at the grand piano at my house and this melody fell out of the sky.”

“It’s my heartache, my cry for hope song for the people of Ukraine,” Smith went on to say. “The need is great, it’s going to be there for a long, long time. And I appreciate the work that CityServe is doing, stepping up to the plate, and alleviating the pain.”

“I think the whole prayer thing has got to go up about ten notches,” Smith added, reflecting on what the church can do to help moving forward.

The full video of his performance, and his testimony about what led to the song, is available here.

“We are moved by Michael’s deep compassion for the people of Ukraine, and for allowing CityServe to use his inspired ‘Cry for Hope’ song for our efforts to help these people in need,” said CityServe co-founder and CEO, Dave Donaldson. “It is our hope that this beautiful song will move us all to heed Michael’s challenge to increase our prayers ten-fold and to financially support this historic opportunity to share the Gospel in both word and deed through the local churches to the Ukrainian people.”

CityServe International collaborates with churches around the world to provide emergency relief, and they launched CityServe Europe in response to the Russian attacks in Ukraine. They work alongside more than 6,700 churches in Eastern Europe and have helped thousands of Ukrainian refugees receive life-saving assistance since the war began. To learn more about CityServe’s four-fold strategy to help Ukrainians through the local church visit www.cityserve.us/ukrainian-crisis.