BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — In coordination with No Child Hungry, CityServe International is helping provide meals and other essentials to those left homeless from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria last month. On March 4, at City of Destiny Church in Apopka, FL, CityServe will be working with volunteers to package meals provided by No Child Hungry to send to Turkey and Syria. The goal is to provide 50,000 meals.

“The images we have all seen emerging from Turkey and Syria are devastating, and as with any disaster, it is critical that the church goes to the front lines and helps those in need,” said Todd Lamphere, VP of Government Relations for CityServe. “On a very basic level, these suffering families need food to eat, clothes to wear, and other basic essentials. And that’s exactly what we’re providing alongside our friends at No Child Hungry.”
In addition to meals, CityServe is packing 5,000 rescue buckets and 25,000 hygiene kits. And with a generous donation from Jockey, they will also be sending a pallets of clothing items as well.
“After so many children and families have endured unthinkable pain and loss during the recent earthquake, these same people shouldn’t have to now worry where their next meal will come from,” said William Lowry, President of No Child Hungry. “We want those in Turkey and Syria to know that the world sees their pain and that we will help them get their basic essentials in the weeks ahead.”

Todd Lamphere is available to discuss the emergency relief efforts ongoing in the region. Reach out to to speak with him.